Study Guide

Meteorology: PowerPoint Study Guide
Fill it out as you watch the presentation.
What is the study of the atmosphere called?
2. What are the 5 different air masses and what are the moisture and temperature
characteristics of each?
3. What are high-altitude, narrow bands of fast moving wind called?
4. What are the 4 major frontal systems?
5. High pressure systems usually indicate what type of weather?
6. Thunderstorms are usually associated with what type of front?
7. What is it called when small droplets of water combine to form larger droplets
that can then fall as rain?
8. What are the 3 stages of thunderstorm development in order?
9. Which stage of a thunderstorm has both updrafts and downdrafts?
10. The most severe thunderstorms are called?
11. Where do tropical cyclones tend to form?
12. Are tropical cyclones high pressure or low pressure systems?
13. What is the scale that measures tropical storm strength?
14. Much of the damage caused by a hurricane is caused by the mound of water it
pushes ashore. What is this mound of water called?
15. Tropical cyclones are called hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, but what are they
called in the Pacific Ocean?
16. Extended periods of below normal rainfall are called what?
17. What takes into account the effect of wind on temperature?
18. A weather forecast can usually be accurate up to about how many days?
19. Name 5 weather instruments and what each measures.
20. A falling barometer usually indicates what type of weather?