A2 Geography summer task v2

A2 Geography – Contemporary Conflicts and Challenges
Your summer holiday task is to produce a detailed written or
typed case study on one area of international conflict. Please
hand in to Miss Morris (first lesson back in September). You
may select one of the following areas of international conflict:
(A) Israel, the West Bank and Gaza
(B) Afghanistan
(C) Darfur
Use your own research and A2-Level Geography CPG Revision
Guide for AQA (ISBN: 978 1 84762 879 4)
Aim to include
(1) Maps to show global location and local features
(2) Background history of the conflict
(3) Successes/failures of conflict resolution
(4) Geographical impacts (social, environmental, economic)
Weather and Climate A2 Geography Summer Task
‘It is not possible to prevent the devastating effects of
tropical storms’. To what extent do you agree with this
Your task is to write an essay answering this question. You
should include:
1) An overview of where tropical storms occur
2) What are the main primary and secondary effects of
tropical storms?
3) A detailed example of a recent tropical storm which
supports the statement
4) A detailed example of a recent tropical storm which
disagrees with the statement
5) How tropical storms can be predicted or prepared for?
6) Conclusion – overall what do you think?