Climate zones power point

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Climate zones power point
You will become a geographical expert on a specific climate zone of your choice. Gather
information from the internet and compete a power point presentation. Be thorough and creative!!
Please choose one of the following climate zones to complete your assignment:
Steppe, Desert, Tropical Rain Forest, Tropical Savanna, Marine West Coast, Mediterranean,
Humid Sub Tropical, Humid Continental, Sub Arctic, Tundra.
Step 1: Use your research sheet for notes and facts describing your climate zone
Step 2: Research websites to find definitions and facts about your climate zone
Step 3: After you finish researching notes about your climate zone, you will begin your power
point presentation.
Power Point Requirements
Slide #1 will contain the name of your climate zone, your name, and class period
Slide #2 Describe your climate zone (include definition). Tell the major features, characteristics,
and temperatures. Be specificīŠ
Slide #3 Find examples of your climate zone. Copy pictures into the slide and put the name of
the location on it as well. Provide three interesting facts about the picture.
Slide #4 Find examples of animals that live in the climate zone. Copy picture of these animals to
the slide. Please list the names of the animals as well.
Slide #5 Find examples of plants that live in your climate zone. Copy pictures of the plants to the
slide. List the names of the plants.
Slide #6 research a place in the Eastern Hemisphere. Find their climate region, describe their
population, animals, plants, and physical features. Analyze some of the problems that have arisen
in these areas. Determine if climate was the cause of these problems and how they could be
Climate Zone:______________________________________________________________
Where is the climate zone found?
Average temperatures:
Main characteristics:
Interesting facts about your climate zone: