The importance of maintaining data integrity in a database system is

Louise Talbott
The importance of maintaining data integrity in a database system is very important as
if something is put wrong once then it is wrong forever for example: if you write an
application form for college and you spell your name wrong then it will be wrong on
your certificate as well.
The need to calculate data storage requirements is important because if the files data
is too big for the database then it won’t work so you need to know how much data the
database can take or else it will not work. However, for example: if you upload a
picture as a JPEG image and its too big then you change it into a Bitmap image and
then the size should be suitable for the database.
Sorting records into a non-relational database system is creating a table with all
different types of fields on it such as address, first name, last name etc... This is what
we have been doing and you can sort records by using the query to find out
information for example: if you go on age and type <16 only people under 16 will
appear in your database.
The benefits of using reports:
 Reports are used to retrieve and present data in a formatted way.
 The information on reports can be arranged in different ways.
 They can contain tables, charts, graphs etc.
 Reports provide a quick result from a database.
 It can be printed or e-mailed easily.