Questionnaire for participants attending the central ECML

Questionnaire for participants attending the central ECML
E-VOLLution workshop in Graz from 26 – 28 February 2009
Once you have been officially nominated by your country's authorities, please fill in the
form below, as it is very important that we know something about the qualifications of
participants in order to provide relevant course content and establish functional working
Biographical data
First name(s): _____Sylvie__________________
Please insert a recent photograph here
Surname: ___Jacob Le Forestier____________________
Title (Ms/Mr/Dr: __Mrs_____________________?
Sex(F/M): Female Nationality: __French_____________________
Work address: ___IUFM rue Emile Hilaire Amagat 18000
Home address: _______1246 rue de la Monnerie 45400 Semoy____
E-Mail: [email protected]______________________
Telephone: _00 33 2 38 86 17 48__Mobile : 00 33 6 77 31 11
(Teaching) Institution in/with which you work: _teacher
Position held: ____________teacher trainer__________________________________
Brief description of job, function, duties: _initial and in service teacher
Are you involved in active
teacher training
curriculum design
(Please tick appropriate boxes)
Which digital learning resources do you use? (Please tick appropriate boxes)
Interactive exercises
Audio/video podcasts
(please specify) ______________________________________________
Which possibilities do you see in data driven learning for your professional context? We use
Claroline as a platform and need to put exercices for a group of distance learners.
Do you create your own digital learning resources?
If so, please specify the tools you use. __yes, for a group of distant learners , I use exercises
ans texts, multichoice questions, chats
What role do didactics and pedagogy in an ICT environment play in your professional
____they are linked as ICT is a tool for our
Web authoring/publishing
Which environment/platform are you familiar with for online distance teaching?
___claroline /
Have you any other comments pertaining to use of technologies /classroom or distant
Please provide a concise overview of the kind of institution and aspect of VOLL you are
currently engaged in:
I am preparing a master for eductational_media for teaching and in my teacher training
institute I am in charge of a session for distance learning students.
Briefly state what you would like to gain from this workshop:
___ideas for distance learning exercices especially for the oral production and training for
specific tools to help build online modules for distance teaching.
Briefly state which products/materials/contributions you would like to bring to this workshop:
_ideas about how to build a distance teaching
Please provide us with an overview of your language competence in the working languages of
the workshop, using the categories from the Common European Framework:
English: C2___________________________________________
German: A2___________________________________________
Please specify your first language:
Briefly state how you will be able to disseminate the knowledge gained (and/or products
produced) during this workshop:
_____I wish this training to be assessed for my master at Poitiers university and in Orléans, I
am part of the elearning group and I wish to pass all details to my colleagues ; I am also
participating at a study visit in Portugal in March and will meet colleagues from European
countries i could dissiminate the project then?
Any other comments: _________________________________________________________
Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
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