A. The due date for submission of the tender is extended upto 31.08.2006 at 1500 hrs.
The unpriced bid shall be opened at 1530 hrs. on same date.
B. The bid qualification criteria stands revised as under :
Bidder should be a project management and engineering consultant and should have:
Proven facilities for designing, engineering, purchase, inspection, quality control,
construction supervision and project management pertaining to transportation and
storage of hydrocarbon products.
Proven track record of having successfully completed the basic engineering preparation
of tender document, evaluation of bids , review and approval of design of at least one
Single Point Mooring (SPM) system and a submarine hydrocarbon pipeline in the last
fifteen years and should have completed minimum period of one year of successful
In case the bidder has experience in any one of the areas i.e. either in Single Point
Mooring (SPM) or in submarine pipeline; bidder may form consortium with any party
having suitable experience and proven track record of successfully completing such jobs
and submit an MOU with the party along with the bid. However, the entire responsibility
with regard to the execution of the tender till completion and commissioning shall rest
with the bidder.
For specialized jobs also, bidder should have proven track record or should have MOU
to engage the services of back-up consultant(s) having proven track record of having
successfully completed the basic engineering design, detailed engineering or review of
detailed engineering, procurement, finalisation of contracts, construction supervision and
inspection of the specific fields of Cathodic protection, Telecom and SCADA/Leak
Detection System of at least one pipeline project in the last fifteen years and same
should have completed a minimum period of 1 year of successful operation.
The minimum qualifying period of one year mentioned above shall be reckoned from the
date of commissioning to the bid due date.
All other terms and conditions of the tender shall remain same and unchanged.
DGM-Purchase & Materials