Grading System - Houston Independent School District

Fall, 2011
Course Syllabus: Precal A PAP
Contact Information:
Conference Period: A days - period 1 - 8:35 am - 10:00 am
School Telephone: 713-741-2410
email: [email protected]
Grading System
Exams will account for 50% of the grade and will be given after completion of a unit. Firm exam dates
will be announced approximately 1 week in advance. There will be at least 2 exams per grading cycle.
Quizzes will account for 40% of the grade and will be given approximately 4 times per grading cycle. If at
least 4 quizzes are given in a grading period, one quiz grade will be dropped for that cycle.
Homework assignments account for 10% of the grade and are due at the beginning of the next class period
after an assignment is given. Homework is graded on effort and percent of work completed, not necessarily
on correct answers. Process steps must be shown for each problem. Homework may be turned in late for
70% credit.
Retake Policy: The school wide DeBakey HSHP retake policy will be followed.
Math notebook/binder: All homework assignments, quizzes and exams along with class notes/examples
must be kept in a separate math notebook/binder. The math notebook/ binder must be brought to class each
Course Outline: A tentative schedule for lessons, homework assignments, quizzes and exams will be
provided to students at the beginning of each grading cycle. Updates may be necessary on occasion during
a grading cycle. Students should use the schedule to plan their studies and to practice for assessments.
Parents can use the course outline to closely monitor their child’s progress in the course.
Returning graded assignments: Exams and quizzes will be graded and returned to students within two
class periods from the time of administration. Parents are requested to monitor the progress of their child
through these graded assignments and contact me immediately if there are questions or concerns.
Progress reports: All students will receive a progress report by the end of the fourth week of each grading
cycle. Students are expected to have a parent sign the progress report and return it the following class
Class Rules
Arrive to class prepared and on time. Textbook should be brought daily.
Do your own work. Exams and quizzes are to be completed independently.
Turn in assignments on time. Late work will not be accepted unless due to an absence.
Treat others with courtesy and respect.
Making Up Work Due To Absence:
Students should use the cycle lesson/assessment plan distributed at the beginning of each grading cycle to
plan their course studies. Homework assignments should be worked in advance of the due date and
practice for scheduled assessments should be part of the daily routine.
If a student is present for a class lesson, the homework assignment for that lesson is due at the next
class period. If a student is absent at the next class period after a lesson is given, the homework
assignment will be due the day he/she returns to class.
Fall, 2011
Course Syllabus: Precal A PAP
If the student is absent from class the day a lesson is given, the student should attend the next available
morning or after school tutorial to receive help. The homework assignment for the missed lesson will
be due no more than 2 class days after returning from an absence.
Students who are absent on the day an assessment is given, must be prepared to makeup the assessment
on the day they return to school.
Students returning from an absence on the day an assessment is given must be prepared to take the
assessment as scheduled unless the assessment includes material that was covered during the absence.
If so, the assessment must be made up by the next class period.
The teacher may give extensions for students with extended illnesses or emergencies on an individual basis.
Extensions will be given in writing and a new due date will be specified. Extensions will not be given for
lack of organization or planning on the part of the student.
Tutoring/Extra Help: Students will have opportunities to attend tutorials outside of the school day.
Details will be announced in class during the first week of school. The website is
maintained by the textbook publisher and is a great resource for tutorials and extra practice and even has an
online version of the textbook.
Student Keys to Success:
Daily practice of previously learned concepts and working on a regular basis to learn new concepts.
Keeping in touch with me on a regular basis about difficulties.
Working on homework assignments seriously and being prepared to ask questions when the homework
is reviewed in class.
Paying full attention in class, taking good notes and reviewing them daily.
Reviewing all quizzes and homework problems before an exam and making sure that these problems
can be worked successfully without assistance.
Algebra II A Units:
Cycle 1: Equations and Inequalities; Functions
Cycle 2: Linear Equations; Systems of Equations and Matrices
Cycle 3: Quadratic Functions
I have carefully read and understand the rules, guidelines and procedures for this class.
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I have carefully read and discussed these guidelines with my child.
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