History Review Sheet

History Review Sheet
Period ______
When historians report history they are constantly searching for the __________.
In order to tell the story they must evaluate the _______________. Direct sources are known as
_______________ while evidence that is written after the event occurs is known as
______________ ____________________. Both are useful to a historian. Each has its good and bad points
however. When using ____________ evidence, one must understand that the evidence comes directly from the
event that happened but it could be __________________. For __________________ evidence, you gather the
information from many sources but no matter how detailed, the person reporting the event________ ______
there. In any event, examples of each below can be found:
(List evidence and tell which each type is)
Once you have gathered the evidence, you must look for those pieces that are real, and not fake. This
is known as ____________. The evidence must also be ____________- something you can trust. When we
examine all the evidence, we want it to come together to say the same thing. Historians call this
_______________________. By putting the information together, we can begin to tell the story of what
The problem with studying history is __________________ gets in the way. We absorb and interpret
information through our senses but can see things differently than others. Historians must avoid this or it may
result in inaccurate accounts of the event. This is due to our _________ of _____________. It is not
uncommon for historians to create an __________________ about what happened. This guess or theory starts
the investigation process. By examining the evidence, they can look for the ______ (something that can be
proven). Once they support each other the historian wants to write a fair and accurate account. This is known
as an _____________ account. Writing _____________ accounts leads to slanted messages, biased and
To tell the whole story, historians want to look at _____________ and
happening causing something else to happen.
This will give us the
___________________ also helps because it keeps the information together in the
happened. Keep the events in their natural setting ( also know as “in __________).
taking information ______ of ____________ could change the story.
___________- something
most complete picture.
order in which the events
This is important because
When studying History, historians use the _____________ __________. List the steps below.
The process of studying history is called_____________________________.
Now you can tell why recording history is a difficult but important process. The saying, “Those who do
not study history are condemned to repeat it”, tells us we must not forget our past to know where we are headed
in our future. By looking at our successes and failures, we can attempt to learn from our mistakes and capitalize
on our triumphs.