Dear Parents/Guardians,
Progress Reports
This Friday, October 2, all families will receive progress reports for their children. These progress
reports are given out at the half-way point of each academic quarter as a way for you to analyze how your
child is performing in school. You are asked to please sign the report acknowledging that you have read it
and then return it to school. If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher further about the report, please
contact her or him to set up an appointment.
Policy Handbook
If you haven’t already done so, please return the slip of paper acknowledging that you have
received the school handbook.
Football Mania Fundraiser
In today’s folder you will find 5 tickets for the Football Mania fundraiser. For those who wish to
participate, this fundraising option allows you to sell or buy tickets. The tickets have different NFL team
combinations for the last 10 weeks of the NFL season. Ticket holders are eligible to win cash prizes based
on how the teams on their ticket perform. If someone wishes to buy the ticket he/she pays gives you $20
per ticket and he/she fills out the bottom section and gives that to you. The ticket buyer keeps the top part.
You then return the ticket stub(s) to the school office along with the money. The Football Mania will be a
75% credit fundraiser so you will receive $15 fundraising credit for each ticket you sell.
If you do not want to participate please return the tickets to the front office so that other families
can take them. Thanks and good luck!
Parent Partnership Committee
The next meeting of the P.P.C. will be Wednesday, October 7 at 6:00. Any and all interested
parents and guardians are invited to attend. The discussion will cover upcoming social events, legislative
action, and more. Chairwoman Maria Gandara will lead the session.
DARE and GREAT Programs
For the 3rd year running, Officer Medina from the Chicago Police Department is visiting several of
our grades as part of the DARE and GREAT programs. These anti-drug abuse and anti-gang programs are
designed for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.
Basketball Teams
If you are interested in helping with the basketball teams (even just part-time) please contact Mr.
Bennett or Coach Sotomayor. Interested students are meeting this week for information and conditioning
sessions. The JV teams will meet this afternoon while the varsity meets this Friday.
Proper Sleeping and Eating
As we move deeper into the 2009-10 school year, we want to stress the developmental benefits and
importance of healthy habits for our students. This importance underlies our new lunch/recess procedures
and our 2nd gym classes for several grades. Below, we would like to highlight some important things that
can and should be done at home regarding students’ healthy development:
~ School-age children should receive 9-12 hours of sleep each night. It is vital to their overall
development. Their young bodies and minds need that period of rest and renewal. It is very noticeable in
the classroom when students lack enough sleep.
~ Breakfast is vitally important – all students should eat breakfast before school begins
~ Good nutrition: Children should eat healthy meals that seek to cover the different required food groups
Healthy school snacks for students in preschool-2nd grade include carrots, crackers, peanuts, pretzels, fruit,
~ Lastly, to help keep students healthy during the upcoming flu season, please be sure and keep your child
home from school if he/she is sick so that they can recover and not get other students sick as well.
Floor Hockey
If any students in grades 4-8 are interested in forming a floor hockey team there is a league of nearby
Catholic schools that is looking for teams. Are there any parents interested in coaching? See Mr. Bennett.
See the back of today’s letter for information on St. Sylvester Church’s Pet Blessing