warunki taryfowe of. KM-60

Special offer tariff terms for KM-60
1. Eligibility
For those persons who have completed 60 years.
2. Validity Scope
The persons mentioned in paragraph 1 are entitled to travel obtaining a 40% discount in
second class trains operated by KM specified in the time table on a ticket basis as:
1) single use,
2) time zones,
3) seasonal entitling to multi journeys:
a) named - zone (monthly, quarterly),
b) named - sector (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly),
c) 1 day,
d) 3-day.
The 40% discount does not apply to charges for tickets according to certain special
offers/tariffs provided to the public in the customary manner.
3. Conditions of use
1) the 40% discount is applied on the basis of presented documents confirming the age of
the persons mentioned in paragraph 1;
2) the ticket issued for travel shall be provided with overprinted or authenticated signature
and stamp of the issuer and the words KM-60 shall be inserted;
3) single use KM-60 ticket can be obtained also from the train manager, on the principles
defined in the in the Regulations of admission and transportation of people, goods and
animals (RP-KM) by the “Mazowieckie Railways Company – KM”.
4. Changes in the transport agreement and ticket refund
1) transfer to 1st class, travelling beyond the station of destination indicated on the ticket,
travelling a different route (longer in the same distance zone or shorter), may occur
under the conditions as specified in the regulations of admission and transportation of
people § 11 RP-KM;
2) reimbursements for partially or totally unused tickets are granted based on specified
principles in §§ 13-14 of the Regulations of admission and transportation of people RP-KM;
3) the transfer to another operator’s train is not allowed.