Automated Polymer Recycling û Promoting new Markets

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Dr. Alan Ryan, University of Limerick.
Design and Manufacturing Technology
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Materials & Automation Research Group,
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Current research involves end of life treatment of waste electronic and electrical equipment, to
ensure beneficial balance between environmental and economic recycling and material use.
Previous research has focused on the development of environmentally sustainable Printed circuit
Boards and the development of sustainable district heating systems for manufacturing sites.
Title & brief description of PhD project (suitable for publication on web):
“Automated Polymer Recycling – Promoting new Markets”
According to the American Society of Plastics Industry there are approximately 50 groups of plastics,
with plastic production using 8% of the world’s annual oil production, 4% as a feedstock and 4%
during manufacture.
While the use of plastic in the development of products is growing due to its extreme versatility,
durability, thermal and electrical insulation properties, preliminary research has indicated that there
is a reluctance to recycle plastics with the same vigour and enthusiasm as other materials, e.g.
ferrous metals, due to the need to ensure that the waste streams are clean, i.e. that the plastic
types are not cross contaminated.
It is thus envisaged that larger amounts of plastics would be recycled if an automated segregation
method for all waste plastics was developed.
The current process of recycling plastic is predominantly a manual sort into the relevant plastic
family trees, once sorted items are then granulated. This process is inherently slow and labour
intensive. The objective of this project is to develop an overall automated granulation and sorting
process capable of dealing with a wide spectrum of plastic waste materials and to then identify
potential uses and markets for these waste streams.
Unique selling points of PhD project in UL:
The Design and Manufacturing Technology Dept. of the University of Limerick has significant links
and access to the Materials and Surface Science Institute. These links ensure access to specialised
equipment such as SEM, TEM, X-ray diffraction among others and also provides access to a team of
qualified technicians.
Well established links to the EPA and national recyclers through previous research projects.
Proven capability in prototype development resulting in international patents and spin out
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Mechanical / Manufacturing / Materials/Automation engineering, Materials Science, chemistry.
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