cultural stress assessment

CSA (Cultural Stress Assessment)™ Process Summary
The CSA (Cultural Stress Assessment) assesses 5 core areas as they relate to
stress and firm performance.
Organizational/Individual Stress ~ Positive Emotional Quality
Firm Support, Resources, Trainings ~ Stress/Wellness Program
Somatic Propensity ~ Health Issues and Health Care Costs
Levels of EQ ~ Use of Intuition and Perceptual Shift in Leadership
Firm Culture ~ Engage & Empower vs. Command & Control
1. The CSA gives an indication of the degree of organizational stress (stress initiated
from the organizational workload & culture) and the degree of individual stress and
emotional intelligence levels (stress experienced internally i.e. emotional quality and
individual coherence).
2. The CSA gives an indication of the perceived effectiveness of the firm’s wellness
programs and the level of support being offered to employees and management to reduce
stress and expand individual understanding of the impact that stress is having on the
organization and health care costs.
3. The CSA gives an indication of the propensity for stress related health issues and
creates a baseline to track the effectiveness of future programs to reduce stress and stress
related symptoms both internally (individually) and externally (organizationally).
4. The CSA gives an indication of the levels of leadership ability, emotional intelligence,
intuition and the use of perceptual shifting as they relate to building relationships,
dealing with conflict, recognizing and managing ones emotions, motivating oneself,
recognizing emotions in others, making decisions and the level of effective partner
communication and trust in the firm.
5. The assessment gives an indication of whether the organizational culture is engaging
and empowering or if it is perceived to be dis-empowering (commanding and
controlling). This delineation can help to inform the firm on cultural and policy changes
that can help attract and retain younger talent (millennials) and release untapped pools
of creativity and production from within the existing workforce.
The CSA establishes baselines* so that the firm can quantify the outcomes and ROI on
strategy execution implemented from the recommendations that are made to the firm
based on the results of the assessment.
*The format for the baseline reporting comes from the RISCPA Intangibles Valuation Task
Force - proprietary MVP Intangibles assets and liabilities framework.