WHAT IS CSA? About uw-sprout

About uw-sprout
Community Supported Agriculture is a
The UW-Sprout Campus Garden was established
partnership between you, a UW-Stout
by the Sustainability Office as a small pilot
community member, and UW-Sprout campus
garden in 2014. Summer of 2015 was our first
garden. The CSA member pays for a season’s
full growing season with CSA members and it
worth of produce and UW-Sprout delivers
was a great success! UW-Sprout’s home is on
shares of fresh, local, and seasonal produce
UW-Stout’s North Campus, one block west of
each week.
Red Cedar Hall.
Why participate?
CSA Shares
We offer a way to connect the campus socially,
1/2 Bushel every week
(feeds 2-4 people)
economically, and environmentally. With our first
Mission Statement
To empower students to grow food through a
$350 one-time payment
year under our belts, we are confident of UW-Sprout’s
growing capacity to thrive and produce amazing
local produce grown without any chemicals. We hope
you consider embarking on the growing journey with
sustainable food production system, to cultivate
ecological and personal health, & to foster
*New Student Rate*
1/2 Bushel every week
(feeds 2-4 people)
active participation in uniting the campus
$80 per month
or $280 one-time payment
us as we continue our second year!
1/4 Bushel Bag every week
$40 per month
or $140 one-time payment
Pick up/Drop off
up shares.
*In the event of extreme weather, crops may be
affected and shares may look a little scarce until
crops recover. When you join a CSA, you take the risk
with the farmer. We will be in open communication
with you in an event of drought or flooding, and will
also be open to comments, questions, or concerns
about your CSA Shares.
OutDoor Opportunities
Shares can be delivered by bike on campus to offices or
be picked up from the garden. CSA shares will tentatively
start at the mid to end of June and run through
September. Student shareholders will need to pick
Members will have the opportunity to participate in
garden events and volunteer their time during the
summer months.
How to sign up
Send an email to [email protected]
Let us know your preference of:
• Share size
• Pick-up or drop off and location
• Your phone number
* We accept cash or check to secure your share.
• Salad Greens:
• Potatoes
Head Lettuce,
• Musk Melon
Spring Mixes
• Green Beans
• Broccoli
• Heirloom Tomatoes
• Carrots
• Squash: Butternut &
• Leeks
WEA Insurance is offering an incentive for its
members in 2016. Join a CSA and receive a $200
Healthy Balance Rebate. UW-Sprout will provide
you a receipt to submit to WEA for reimbursement.
• Cucumbers
• Kale
Did You Know?
• Herbs: Rosemary,
meet the garden manager
Katie Ankowicz is a senior in the Environmental
Science program with a concentration in plant
• Onions
Basil, Thyme, Parsley,
science and a minor in sustainability. She has
• Green Onions
Cilantro, Oregano Dill
an enthusiasm for gardening, food, and being
• Pepper: Bell &
• Sugar Snap Peas
outside. She is determined and ecstatic to
• Beets
continue UW-Sprout’s success!