Mathematics 9
Miss Dyck
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 306-922-3115 Ext 364
Welcome to Math 9 for the 2014/2015 school year! I believe communication is
very important. The easiest way to communicate regularly is by email. I am
hoping to obtain an email address for every parent/guardian that has one. Any
important information will be communicated this way. My email address is
[email protected] Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or
concerns! There will also be a meet the family night on September 10
starting with a BBQ at 5:30 pm.
I would really appreciate if you have an email address that you send me an
email in the next few days so that I have your address for future reference. If
you do not have email, you can leave a message for me at 922 3115 ext 364. I
try to check my voice mail once a day and may not be able to return your call
until the following day. Please leave a number where you can be reached
during the school day.
As your teacher I am committed to assisting you in being successful in this
class. Please feel free to ask questions and see me if you are having difficulty. It
is my goal to help each and every student achieve success. I look forward to
working with you this year!
-Miss Kimberly Dyck
Website: The math department website can be accessed through Carlton’s
Home Page: On this site you will find links to
each teacher’s homepage, outcome rubrics for the math classes, and video
lessons for some of the classes (we are working to complete video lessons for all
My website is located at
If you are going to be away from class, it is expected that you will watch the
lesson from home on the Carlton Home Page and read what we did on my
wikipace website before coming for extra help. You must also complete any
practice questions that you missed that day.
If you need to review an outcome, you can go back and watch the lesson. The
video lessons will not be deleted and will be up the entire semester.
MATERIALS: (Please bring to every class)
 Pencil, eraser, pens (blue & red), ruler Textbook, Loose-leaf paper,
three ring binder (dividers) and homework
 A good scientific calculator. If you buy one now you can use it all
through high school! If you do not have one you may borrow one from
the library as supplies last.
CLASS EXPECTATIONS: It is my hope that each of you realizes success in this
class. It is my job to help you in any way that I can, however, ultimately it is
your responsibility for making that happen. You can do that by following a few
simple steps BE AN ACTIVE LEARNER – “Math is not a spectator sport”
 LISTEN carefully & ask questions & get the help you need
 TAKE GOOD NOTES – be organized
 COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS - remember missed assignments are your
 STUDY for exams and quizzes
 Use your CLASS TIME EFFICIENTLY and do homework each day
 Attendance is ESSENTIAL
 Arriving to class on time with all your materials (including your
completed homework!)
 Show respect to your fellow classmates as well as your teacher
It is expected students will spend AT LEAST 30 MIN EVERY NIGHT.
 Collect materials needed to complete an activity in tomorrow’s class.
 Update your agenda. Plan to balance your time between homework,
activities, fun, & sleep.
 Take the time and effort to complete work that you can be proud of
(quality ,neatness)
 Ask for help (parents, siblings, neighbours, friends, internet) & jot
down questions you have.
 Clean-up / reorganize your binder or work space.
 Build a review sheet or foldable to help study for a test.
 Maintain a positive attitude and celebrate all your hard work!
MATH HELP: There will be math help offered every Tuesday & Thursday at
noon hour throughout the year starting the last week of September. Math 9
teachers rotate supervision of this class. If a student has not reached the
minimum acceptance level for an outcome then this noon hour help is a
requirement until a level 2 is reached. This time also gives students an
opportunity to reassess an outcome that they did not reach a level of
achievement to their liking.
There will also be a math tutor available free of charge, in the school library
three days Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 pm.
You can always just check if I am available. I am available to help most days
before or after school and at noon. Please feel free to drop in. Take advantage of
this opportunity for one-on-one assistance if you are having difficulty. It may
be all that you need to clear up the problem
ABSENCES: Regular attendance is an absolute key to success. If you are
absent your parent / guardian must phone the attendance desk (764 – 3224)
within 48 hours of your absence. If possible, I should be notified ahead of time.
Be sure to contact a classmate to get any missed notes or assignments. Please
see me at lunch or after school to make up any missed activities.
LATES: Punctuality is another key to success in this class. You are expected to
be in the classroom and prepared to begin at the bell each day. If you arrive
late enter the classroom silently and get to work. Speak to me about why you
were late when there is an opportunity to do so without interruption. You will
also be required to complete a late form which must be completed by the end of
the period.
Music: You are allowed to listen to music during designated work times.
You are not allowed during teaching times or group work. This privilege will be
lost if it becomes a distraction to you or those around you.
Cell Phones: you are not allowed to have cell phones in the classroom at any
First offense - your electronics will be taken away until the end of the day.
Second offense - your electronics will be taken away until the end of the day
and you will need to see an administrator to have it returned.
Third offense - your electronics will be given to an administrator and your
parent will need to pick it up.
Food and Drink: Please do not bring food or drink into class. A water bottle is
Assessment: You will not see percentage grades on any of your assignments.
Every assignment will be graded on a 4 point scale using a rubric. These
rubrics are posted on the math website, so you can see what each level means.
Instead of one overall grade for an assessment, you may have multiple levels
for specific outcomes.
There has been a lot of research done recently on how the 4 point system is
more effective than the 100 point scale. Students will have a better idea of
where they are and what they need to do to get to the next level. The general
math rubric is described below. For each outcome there will be a more specific
rubric so that students will know exactly what they need to do to improve to
get to the next level.
The student can continue to work on any outcome and reassess it throughout
the year at the teacher’s discretion. A minimum of level 2 is expected on
EVERY outcome. At midterm, you will receive a progress report which will
indicate what level each outcome is currently at. If there are any outcomes
below a level 2, you are expected to continuing working on these.
You will NOT see a percentage grade until the final report card (math 9 will
never see a percentage grade). This may be a change for many of you! Instead
of focusing on what your “average” grade is, you can think about:
Are doing the best you can?
Are you learning and improving?
What outcomes do you still need to work on?
Are you meeting Level 2 on all outcomes?
There are videos explaining the reason for this change that you can watch.
They are posted on the math website – “how to read the rubric video” and “how
to read the progress report video”. If you have more questions on this please
feel free to contact your teacher!
To be Returned, Signed by a Parent or Guardian, to Miss Dyck by
September 12th, 2013
All students are expected to write the assessment on the assessment day.
Students who must be away from class (illness, appointment) must have the
absence excused prior to the assessment period. Students will have one week
to complete the missed assessment.
Students who have unexcused absences on an exam day lose their opportunity
to demonstrate understanding of that outcome (and therefore earn a mark).
This may mean that the student will not have an opportunity to demonstrate
understanding until the final exam.
Some students may need to reassess one or more outcomes throughout the
semester. Reassessments will take place most days at noon. You must be in
the room by 12:30 to ensure that I will be there. Please let me know one day in
advance if you are coming to reassess.
Reassessments are open to any student who wishes to improve their level of
In order to reassess:
1) the student must not have an unexcused absence on an assessment day for
that outcome.
2) the student must have completed all practice questions for that outcome at
the level that they will be reassessing.
The final reassessment date for this class will be decided in semester 2. Any
outcomes below a level 2 on this date will be assessed 100% on the final exam.
Final exam dates are to be decided later in the semester.
The easiest way to communicate with me is by email. I am hoping to collect as
many parent email addresses as possible. If you have an email address that
you check regularly please email me at [email protected] or fill it in below.
Student Name: ___________________________
Parent email address: _______________________________________
Signing below means that we have read through and understood the
assessment policy.
Student signature
Parent/guardian signature