UEE2202 Planning of Architectural Environment

Subject Group UEE-2: Air, Water and Environment
UEE2202 Planning of Architectural Environment
Winter semester
Description and rationale: This course outlines architectural environments first and then shows relationships between indoor
climate and nature features. Energy conservation and passive design are also covered. Fundamental aspects of application
methods for passive design are studied at the end.
Keywords: climate, nature features, sustainable design, passive design, energy conservation, life style
Pre-requisite: none
Expected students: master
Instructor: Prof Masamichi ENAI
Course outline:
(1) Introduction
Outlines of architectural environments
(2) Tools for passive design
Numerical analysis methods for thermal and aerial environments
(3) Evaluations of passive design
Measurements of thermal and aerial environments
(4) Energy conservation for sustainable design
Usage of Thermal insulation, and vapor barrier and vapor discharge
(5) People and life style
Indoor or outdoor climate influenced by life style
Grading: based on results of assignments given during the course
Text books and references: handout and printed matters
1st revision: 04/2003