Computers are integrated into everyone`s life, and now

Computers are integrated into everyone’s life, and now more so
then ever, they also play a big role in the classroom. Adaptive and
assistive technology can foster excellence in education through
innovative learning solutions. Teachers can create dynamic lessons,
download media, and make lessons that can be saved, shared, and
updated. An example of this can be found at,
which is a website designed to improve the education of children,
teachers and parents.
Unfortunately there are many children with many different
special needs. Hence, many adaptive and assistive technologies can
quickly deliver good information and sources to those children that
need it. In the following paragraphs I have provided some website
descriptions along with links. These websites offer diverse support and
useful information for children and families who may be in need of
assistive and adaptive technology:
Assistive or Adaptive Technology commonly refers to "...products,
devices or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or
customized, that are used to maintain, increase or improve the
functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities..." offers a variety of high-tech assistive and
adaptive technology products, augmentative and alternative
communication devices, computer access equipment, multilingual
speech synthesis and voice recognition software. We propose a great
selection of virtual on-screen keyboards, voice-enabled communication
boards, as well as cognitive rehabilitation tools adapted to people’s
special needs.
Empowering Rural Students with Disabilities Through Assistive
Technology can open doors and break down barriers for children,
youth and adults with learning disabilities. Whether in the classroom or
workplace, technology can provide a vital difference. Here we explore
new developments in technology, and practical insights into the
promise and realities of making technology work for people with
learning disabilities
More sources available at:
National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP)
NCIP "promotes the effective use of technology to enhance
educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive,
physical and social/emotional disabilities." Its web site includes
facilitated discussions about technology use for students with
special needs, online workshops, exemplary early childhood
classrooms, a section on voice recognition, an extensive library
of resources about technology and special education, videos of
students using assistive and instructional technologies, and
much more.