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Assistive Technology in the Workplace
October 30, 2014
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)
 Diagnostic Services
 Vocational Evaluation
 Counseling
 Training
 Restoration Services
 Placement Assistance
 Assistive Technology
 Support Services
Voice: 215.560.1900
TTY: 215.560.6144
Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BBVS) – Presentation by Lynn Heitz
 Counseling and guidance
 Vocational evaluation
 Blindness skills training
 Mobility (travel) instruction
 Instruction on performing daily living activities
 Vocational and college training
 Occupational tools and equipment
 Job placement services
Voice: 215.560.5700
TTY: 215.560.5725
The Sierra Group Academy - Presentation by Chris Hyson
[email protected]
 Providing Office Technology and Specialized Business
Training for Regional Job Seekers with Disabilities
 Taste of Technology Open House – 2 Fridays per month
Voice: 267.765.1507 ext. 203
The Sierra Group Foundation
 RecruitDisability - A national job board connecting employers and job seekers
with disabilities, including veterans.
 Employment Incentives - promotes and shares information about the economic
incentives available to businesses that hire and retain employees with
disabilities. 760.692.4174/888.492.2402 888.492.2402
Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology – JuleAnn Lieberman
 Mission is to increase awareness, access and acquisition of assistive technology
for all people with disabilities
Voice: 215.204.5967