Course name


Wea NW Region Accredited Course Information Sheet 2010/11

Award Name:

Entry Level Certificate in ESOL SfL (Writing) Edexcel: Entry Levels One, Two and Three.

GLH - Course Length:

30 - 60 GLH

How delivered:

2.5 hours per week over 12 to 24 weeks

Who is this course aimed at?

This qualification is aimed at people who do not have English as a first language and wish to improve their writing and communication skills. The qualification is available at entry levels one, two and three.

Entry requirements:

No formal qualifications are necessary but you will be assessed to determine the correct level of entry onto the learning programme. Learners may have previously attended a non-accredited ESOL learning programme.

(Note: It is advised that learners with limited spoken language skills focus on the development of oral communication skills before admission onto reading and writing modules.)


Course content is designed to include the three key elements in the ESOL core curriculum:  Writing composition  Grammar and punctuation  Spelling and handwriting


Assessment is via successful completion of the Edexcel writing exam at Entry levels one, two or three.

Possible progression:

Students may progress onto the corresponding Edexcel courses in speaking and listening and reading or a higher level writing course. (Accredited or unaccredited)

Wea NW Region Accredited Course Information Sheet 2010/11

Fee Information:

Tuition Fee Registration with Edexcel £27.10* £1.50 per hour*

*These fees may be subject to change

Tuition is free for those in receipt of an income related benefit subject to places being available, but the Edexcel registration fee does have to be paid.

Additional information:

To deliver this course a


class size of 12 is required. The registration fee is paid

once only

and covers all units (speaking and listening, reading and writing) at entry levels one, two and three. ……………………………………………………………………………

Information for Administrative purposes: Course Information for APF

Course Learning Aims: Entry 1: 100/4581/8 Entry 2: 100/4582/X Entry 3: 100/4583/1 PWF: C

Approved tutors: Gt Manchester: Lancashire: Merseyside:

Susan Ayhan, Elaine Storry, Lorraine Kerr, Rachael Harrison, Usma Khan, Moyra Purves, Khalda Ahmed, Rubab Khan. Omaima Woolnough, Lorraine Hutchinson. Adele Spiers, Linda Faulkner, Margaret Wilcock, Christine Kelly.

Internal Moderator/s:

Elaine Hutchings, Rachael Harrison, Lorraine Kerr.

Internal Moderator dates:

Arranged termly

External Moderator dates (if arranged): Equipment required in venue:

Ensure that venue has access to suitable equipment such as a white board, flip chart or screen for PowerPoint presentations etc…

Other Information:

Elaine Hutchings is the skills for life coordinator for Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Bernie Kennedy is the skills for life coordinator for Merseyside.