Influenza Vaccines and Immune Protection, New Approaches

Influenza Vaccines and Immune Protection, New Approaches
A postdoctoral (ORISE) fellowship is available for research on new strategies for control
of influenza virus infection by broad immune cross-protection. This lab studies
vaccinations that target viral components highly conserved among different strains and
even different subtypes of influenza A. We use DNA vaccines, recombinant
adenoviruses, and cold-adapted influenza viruses to immunize mice and/or ferrets to
conserved antigens. These vaccines can protect against challenge with divergent
influenza viruses, including highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus and the 2009
swine-origin pandemic virus. We analyze the systemic and mucosal antibody and T cell
responses to vaccination, and their roles in mechanisms of immune protection. Broad
immune cross-protection could provide a first line of defense in the event of a pandemic
until strain-matched vaccines are available. The lab is located on the White Oak
campus of FDA in Silver Spring, MD.
Qualifications: Candidates with research experience in immunology, molecular biology,
virology, or related fields preferred. Applicants must have a PhD, DVM and/or MD. This
research requires working with rodents. No postdoctoral experience is required; recent
graduates or those about to graduate preferred. Applicants should be US citizens,
permanent residents, or hold a visa for work in the US.
To apply, e-mail a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to:
Suzanne Epstein, Ph.D.
Gene Transfer and Immunogenicity Branch
Division of Cellular and Gene Therapies
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Building 52/72, Room 3110
Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002
Phone: (240) 402-9510
FAX: (301) 595-1093