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TLC 6 - Final Exam Study Guide
Byzantine Empire
1. How is the Byzantine Empire related to the Roman Empire?
2. What is the most important cathedral in the empire?
3. Why was Constantinople located in a great trade region?
4. What was Justinian’s major contribution to the empire?
Islamic Empires
5. Who founded the religion of Islam?
6. What are instructions for the Five Pillars of Islam?
7. To which areas did Islam spread?
8. What are two inventions of the Islamic people that helped with navigation?
African Kingdoms
9. How did Ghana’s location help it become a trading empire?
10.What was gold most often used for in Africa?
11.Who was Mansa Musa, and what was his impact on Africa?
12.What did Ghana, Mali and Songhai all have in common?
13.Describe silent barter and its use in African Kingdoms.
14.Which geographic feature was most important to West Africans?
Middle Ages
15.Who is Charlemagne?
16.Who brought the Feudal System to England?
17.Why did people in the Middle Ages need feudalism?
18.What is the Magna Carta and who signed it?
19.Who farmed the land in this time period?
20.What was the center of education in this time period?
21.What is a vassal?
22.Who were the Vikings?
23.Describe the manor system.
24.What were the Crusades and how many were there?
25.What was the military outcome of the Crusades, and what major effect did the
Crusades have on life in the Middle Ages?
26.What was the Bubonic Plague?
27.How did life change for serfs after the plague?
28.List 3 ways that monks contributed to medieval society.
Renaissance & Reformation
29.In which country did the Renaissance begin?
30.Who supported the arts and learning in Italian city-states?
31.What is perspective?
32.Which Renaissance artist is considered to be a true “Renaissance man?”
33.What cultures did people during the Renaissance want to learn from?
34.What effects did the invention of the printing press have on Europe?
35.List one major change that took place in each of these categories during the
Renaissance: arts, sciences and technology.
36.Which practice of the Catholic Church helped lead to the Reformation?
37.Who started the Reformation? What was the name of his published work?
Early Americans
38.Where was Tenochtitlan located? How did the Aztecs expand the city?
39.How did Cortez conquer the Aztecs?
40.Where was the Inca Empire located?
41.Which civilization created an accurate yearly calendar?
42.Which civilization is known for creating a system of roads and bridges?
43.Which two civilizations were conquered by the Spanish?
44.How did disease brought by the Spanish help them to conquer civilizations?
45.What are some defining features of the Pueblo people?
46.Why did the Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippian tribes construct large
Early Exploration
47.Which countries led efforts of exploration?
48.What was the Columbian Exchange?
49.What reasons did the explorers have for trying to conquer the Americas?
50.What does it mean to “circumnavigate” something?
51.Who was Prince Henry and what is his significance in exploration?
52.Which animals were brought to the Americas by the Spanish?
Ancient Japan
53.Why is Japan naturally protected from invasion?
54.Describe a samurai and a shogun. What is the difference between them?
55.What is Shintoism?
56.List the order of the Japanese Feudal system from top to bottom.
57.Describe the duties of a samurai warrior. How is a samurai different from a
medieval knight?