Moving Scrap - SimplyScripts

Toni Backwood a homeless communist sits in the passenger seat
of a wrecked car reminiscing about the memories he's had in the
scrap yard he calls home!
(speking to
arrggghhhh we've had some
good times here, but it's been
a long and trying time for me
over the past couple of days
what with all the closing
down of my home an the
moving buisness its real
toni looks up at the sky and says
why did you have to do this
to me god? why? ive been
settled here for at least six
years now, coming up to
he then looks down at the ground and then back up again just to
the side of the camera with a glum look on his face.
I better go and say good by
to my other family, now ill
come back and see you
before a go to my new found
land of hope and dreams
down the road.
toni gets up and wanders off in search of another car to cry his
heart out to. Toni wonders for about thirty seconds then comes
across his best buddy(car).
my god im gonna miss you,
me and you have bin through
some tough times together
but we came through each
and every time, triumphant.
toni sits down in the drivers seat. he then looks down at the
stearing wheel away from the camera and looks back up
squiting his eyes as if a torch were shining at them.
ive lived here for six solid
years and ive always stuck to
my beliefs in communism,
but have they got me
anywhere ?, NO !
toni sits up and looks hopeful, then stands up and walks towards
the other side of the scrap yard.
he reaches the other side of the scrap yard and looks around
him, fulfilled with anger he breaths heavily !
why ? why ? why ?
this has made my life worth
living, this simple scrapyard
has brought meaning to my
life, but now i-i just dont
now what im gonna do.
he clambers up in to a car which is on top of another car and
looks a round taking in the view by holding his breath for about
five seconds and then smiles.
although im leaving and
although i will indetabley
miss this place i am looking
forward to my new home and
the wondrous things it has to
offer, it might not be as clean
but boy is it spacious and the
cars are alot more kitted out
than here, but it definitely
will not replace this place.
toni climbs out of the car and on to the ground and walks round
the whole place one more time and then leaves the scrapyard
once and for all.
well im going now, i dont
know when ill see you again
because this place is shutting
down, mabey youll be
transfered to ken allens then
ill get to see you everyday,
like old times. Well, guess its
time for me to go.
toni turns to the exit and says
god bless you all
he then walks off towards the exit and through it and onwards to
the land of hope and dreams " Ken Allens "
Gortoz A Ran (black hawk down theme) starts playing and toni
walks slowly away with his head slouched down and then he
turns slowly around, lifts his head up and smiles with regret, he
then turns around and stays in that position for six seconds and
then drops his head and starts to walk away slowly again. after
fifty eight seconds the music stops and we fade out.
we reach the other scrapyard " Ken Allens "
we cut to toni getting in to his first new car and he sits there in
silence as if to have a minutes silence for the rememberence of a
war and then looks to side of the camera and smiles and says
well im finally her and ive
finally got a new and fresh
start, god bless this scrap
yard for giving me a second
chance in life and
and we fade out to a black and white still of the old scrapyard
and then roll the credits.