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Quote: “Since being employed I feel proud, happy and confident” Carla
1 in 6 working age UK adults are disabled.
Over 6 million disabled people of working age.
(Department for Work and Pensions, July 2014, Family Resources Survey
Disabled people in work are paid about 10% less than non-disabled
(Scope, 2014, Disability Facts and Figures)
1 in 3 of people in the private sector think their workplace welcomes
disabled people
(Multiple Sclerosis Society 2012, Fight Back)
Disabled people are 4 times more likely to be out of work than non
disabled people
(Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Tania Burchardt, The education and employment
of disabled young people)
Disabled people are more likely to live in poverty than non-disabled people.
Since 2010 the pay gap between disabled and non-disabled people has
widened by one third.
(Scope, 2014, Disability Facts and Figures)
Children in families including a disabled person are almost twice as likely
to live in poverty.
(Department for Work and Pensions, 2014, Households Below Average Income)
Disabled people pay an average £550 per month on extra costs related to
their disability.
(Scope, 2014, Priced Out: ending the financial penalty of disability by
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