Eligibility and selection criteria grid



Research Officer


Last Name (in capitals): First name:




(1) I have Completed university studies of at least three years attested by a diploma in

statistics or a social science discipline

that includes a significant component in statistics (as attested in the final diploma evidence must be supplied on submission of application) and appropriate professional experience of – for which

at least one year

Yes No Number of years of professional experience acquired


the award of my diploma


Specify: Yes No (2) I have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the Communities and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Communities (3) I am a citizen of one of the Member State of the European Union Yes No (4) I am entitled to my full rights as citizen Yes No (5) I have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws concerning military service (6) I am physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post Yes Yes No No

*Note: A given period of professional experience may be counted only once; where additional periods of training and studies are accompanied by period of professional activity, only the latter shall be considered as professional experience; professional activities pursued part-time shall be calculated pro-rata, on the basis of the certified percentage of full-time hours worked





(1 = slight; 2 = good; 3 = very good; 4 = excellent) (7) I have professional work experience in quantitative data collection and analysis of

at least two years

in research related to areas of the Agency’s work Yes Number of years in the area mentioned above No Specify: (8) (9) My knowledge of and experience in applying quantitative social research methodologies are My knowledge of and experience in undertaking quantitative survey research are (10) I have excellent command of spoken and written English 1 1 Yes 2 2 3 3 4 4 No (11) My working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications; including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access is (12) My ability to draft research papers, reports, and/or policy papers in English; which is substantiated, where possible, by a list of publications/reports in the CV is (13) My experience in the use of SPSS for the analysis of data sets is (14) My experience in the use of Excel for the analysis of data sets is (15) My experience in working institutions/organisations is with international (16) My experience of having worked on projects involving quantitative data collection in more than one country is 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 2