STAT2101 Introduction to Statistical Analysis

STAT2101 Introduction to Statistical Analysis
3 Credits
Prerequisites: None
The course focuses on practical applications and interpretations of results of statistical analysis. It introduces basic terms and
concepts underlying statistical and quantitative reasoning, including introduction to probability. The course is divided into four
sections: data analysis, applied probability, data collection and inferential statistics. Topics include elements of sample surveys,
experimental design and observational studies, descriptive and summary statistics for both measured and counted variables, and
statistical inference including estimation and tests of hypotheses as applied to one-and two-sample problems, regression with one
or more predictors, correlation, and analysis of variance. Applications to quantitative data analysis in economics, social sciences
and business, and statistical thinking instead of mathematical manipulation are emphasized. Different techniques of sampling,
choosing sample size and the evaluation of results are demonstrated in application to real life problems. Computer
implementation is emphasized in this course.