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Development and Flood Risk Engineer

Brief Description

Create a better environment through protecting and enhancing rivers and their floodplains, and reduce flood risk by encouraging sustainable development.

Work with local planners and developers to achieve the best environmental outcome from developments along rivers, within the floodplain and on all large sites.

Ensuring works affecting the physical characteristics of watercourses and floodplains comply with the Environment Agency's objectives and policy.

The job will include commenting on planning consultations, including strategic policy and documents, and influencing changes to applications. You will also be responsible for determining Flood Defence Consents for works in or near rivers.

Provide flooding information and advice to the public and other bodies.

Position Specific Information

You will be working as part of a team in Thames Region, West Area of the

Environment Agency covering a large area and dealing with the varied issues associated with managing flood risk in rural communities as well as the major conurbations of Oxford and Reading and growth area of Aylesbury.

Detailed Description

Purpose of Job

Advise on the implications of development proposals and planning consultations to ensure appropriate development in areas at risk of flooding.

Principal Accountabilities

Assist in the setting of consent conditions to ensure that all legislative and

Environment Agency policies are met.

Contribute as part of the team to ensure that all legislation and Environment

Agency policies relating to development proposals and works in water courses, flood plains and flood risk areas are complied with and enforced.

Liaise with developers, local authorities, and others on flood risk issues, taking into account all technical and environmental matters to ensure no inappropriate development in flood plains.

Assist in the preparation of specialist technical reports and appeal statements for presentation at planning appeals and public enquiries to ensure that

Environment Agency flood risk interests are effectively represented.

Seek opportunities to proactively influence development proposals at their formative stages in order to achieve developer funded environmental enhancements.

Educational Requirements

Minimum educational requirements for this role at fully acceptable level.

Relevant vocational training in a related discipline.

Professional Membership

Developing (Associate/Part Qualified)

Prior Experience

The typical length of time required to do the job at entry level.

Several years experience

The typical length of total experience (both prior and in-job) required to do the job at the fully acceptable level.

Several years experience

Job Requirements

Shape of Role

To provide specialised knowledge or information necessary to support operational services.

Contribution this Job Makes

To the development of others

No direct responsibility for others and no requirement to train/develop others

The Way the Job Holder Works

Carries out more complex work within an existing work routine, based on standard procedures although procedures allow flexibility and scope for some initiative. Nature of the work would be changed with the manager/team leaders approval.