Ex10 Flooding LORMs

Hwa Chong Institution
Sec 2 Integrated Humanities 2012
Exercise 10: Flooding
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Refer to the reading: Urban Flood Management – A Tool for Integrated Flood Management
(version 1.0) in my wikispace (self-study module on floods).
1. Factors Contributing to Flooding (related to Singapore)
a) Meteorological (Climatic) factors
a. Rainfall
b. Small scale storms
c. Temperature
b) Hydrological factors
a. Natural surface infiltration
b. Presence of impervious cover
c) Human factors
 Landuse changes (eg. Deforestation increase run-off and may increase
 Inefficiency or non-maintenance of infrastructure
 Climate change affects magnitude and frequency of precipitations and floods
(link to (a))
 Urban microclimate may increase precipitation
2. Summarise the main causes of each type of urban floods.
 Local flood
 Flash flood
 Riverine flood
 Coastal flood
3. Describe the impacts of flooding in Singapore (refer to p12).
4. Meteorological factors are the main causes of flooding in Singapore.
How far do you agree? (Use points 14, 16 and 26 to help you)
Use examples from newspaper articles to support your answer.