Photo of Historical Figure Goes Here Username @[insert name here

Photo of
Goes Here
Location: India
Bio: (ONE sentence
@[insert name here]
What if an Ancient India Historical Figure had Twitter?
Midterm Project Part II
1. You will choose one historical figure of Ancient India:
Siddhartha Guatama
Candragupta Maurya
Candra Gupta I
234 (can
change this)
12 (can
change this)
Candragupta II
2. You will create a fake Twitter account for your historical figure using this template.
*At no point will you use the computer to actually create an account on the actual
3. You must research your historical figure using the sources given to you in class and
create 10 historically accurate tweets. You must pretend that you are this person and
are living and updating in real time. You may use appropriate and relevant hashtags.
4. Like on the real Twitter, there are certain restrictions that must be followed. You will
use this template (in a Word document on the computer) once all your research is
gathered and approved.
5. You may only “update” using 140 characters or less. Please refer to Tip A below.
6. You must update in chronological order, which means the most recent update goes
at the top of the page and the oldest update goes at the bottom of the page.
Please refer to Tip B below.
7. You will work in the library to complete the research for this midterm project.
8. After you have created 10 posts, you will meet with a student who has selected a
different historical figure than you.
9. You will then read their Tweets, retweet one of their posts on your page, and reply.
You will then have a total of 11 posts on your Twitter page.
10. You will write a two paragraph biography about your historical figure. You must cite
your sources.
Example of an update tweet for Siddhartha Guatama:
Left the palace today and found poverty and sadness. #inequality #whyislifethisway
About 2 hours ago from web
a. Most recent message, which can have up to 140 characters. This will take you up to
about this point on the second line, depending on letters.
b. If you’re planning to keep adding messages as you follow a story, it might be useful to
start at the bottom of the page and work your way up
(Insert small photos of other
Historical Figures of India)