TF-8 Summary Table

Task Force - 8
Heavy duty vehicles
Task Force Leader(s)
Tan.yi (
Task force 8 will study all the safety requirements and test items for passenger
vehicles and decide whether these requirements and items are adopted to heavy
duty vehicles or not . And we will share enough theary reasons or tests` datas to
prove that.
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Progress report EVS-06-20e.pdf
OICA considerations for the draft annex for heavy vehiclesEVS-07-21e.pptx
Applicability for Commercial Vehicles EVS-08-20e.ppt
TF8 work summary EVS-09-15e.pdf
All the experts hope heavy vehicles could be included in the EVSGTRdocument or as an annex, while OICA/JAMA prefera separateGTR for
heavy vehicles,the US hold aneutral standard andthatdepends onwhether
the research on the heavy vehicle itemswill delay the EVS-GTR document;
 Applicable items: thermal shock and cycling; mechanical shock;
External short circuit protection; over charge protection; over discharge
protection;over temperature protection; fire resistance
Exemption items: mechanical integrity; low energy
Research items: flooding test; vibration ;leakage;warning;
Phase 2 items: venting ;
Work out the draft for the items which have been catch an agreement on the
adoptions for heavy duty vehicles;
Research on fooding test、vibration test 、leakage requirement and
warning items;
TF8 wishes to catch an final agreement on TF by Feb. 2016
Future Meetings: TF8 will join in the Brusells In Jan. 2016.