Hong Kong Public Hospitals Cardiologist Association Limited

Hong Kong Public Hospital Cardiologists Association Ltd
香 港 公 立 醫 院 心 臟 醫 生 協 會 有 限 公 司
Membership Application Form
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Cardiology, Hong Kong)
Trainee in Cardiology, Hong Kong)
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Completed application form and entrance fee by a cheque ($300 for full member and $200 for associate member)
made payable to “Hong Kong Public Hospital Cardiologists Association Limited” should be sent to 7/F,
Administration Office, Yan Chai Hospital Multi-services Complex, 18 Yan Chai Street, Tsuen Wan, Attn : Ms.
Wandi LAI, Superintendent. Enquiry on membership should be directed to Ms. Wandi Lai ( [email protected] )
Only full member is eligible to vote in general meeting. Proposer and Seconder shall be full member of