Promoting a Blue Economy through Ecosystem

Promoting a Blue Economy
Through Ecosystem-Based Management
Fisheries Protection Ordinance : e.g. Trawling Activities in HK Waters ,2010
Protection of Nursery &Spawning Grounds
Implementation of Closed Season
Fishing License System
Shum Chung Mariculture
Oyster Farming in Hong Kong Coastal waters in suspended rafts
Yields 120 Tonnes per annum, ( $8M ), 4-5 years to maturity
Artificial Reef in Hong Kong
 Prevents Trawling
 Provides spawning
grounds for fish
 Attracts more fish to stay
and increase diversity
 Need to convince
 After 15 years proved to
be very effective
Hoi Ha Marine Park
Marine Parks
Blue Economy:Ecosystem based
 Preservation of the Ocean
 Development pf Maritime Resources
 Commercial Development of Oceans in a sustainable
 Hong Kong has 3000 nos fishing fleet, 7600 fishermen
 Yields 159,000 tonnes fresh fish ( $200M)
 Supports employment of over 10,000 in related trades
 Pollution control in coastal waters
 Radiological monitoring