Mass cattle poisoning

Summary of mass cattle poisoning in village 7/9/2004
On 7/9/2004 Tuesday, at 17:00, the clinical veterinarian was urgently called by a farmer to the
pasture. He was called because of mass cattle poisoning. In the pasture, approximately 3 km’ from
the village entrance, 30 dead cows and a dead young wild pig were observed. The bodies were
spread about 30 meters apart. 2 remaining live cows were seen with no clinical symptoms.
Based on rigor mortis of the bodies, it was concluded that the death occurred 12-24 hours
previously before coming to the field.
A post-mortem was conducted on the spot on two cows. Samples were taken from several organs
to trace the death cause. The samples were sent for laboratory tests in the Veterinary Institute in
Beit-Dagan on Thursday (9/9/04).
Grain remains were found in the center of the pasture. It was suspected that the grain remains
contained Tymic (carbamate) poison. Those grains were also sent to the laboratory for further
On the 22/9/04, end laboratory results were received in which omasus contents contained Tymic
(carbamate) poison.
Editor’s remark: It is not the first time that a mass poisoning occured (accidentally or purposely),
in which many animals were involved. R. Dvidson