There are new things all over the ranch this week. Laramie's ewes began lambing. So far
he has a set of twins and one single lamb.
Laramie's corn in the garden just came up. You can plant more corn in crooked rows!
My mare, June, had a colt this week. She was running with the saddle horses when she
had it. She was the envy of every mare in the pasture.
We had a full week of gathering cattle, sorting cattle, shiping cattle and starting the whole
process over again. The cows are dropping calves everywhere. I rode out in the pasture
with two guests and brought a cow in which needed to have her front teats milked out.
Joe gathered and shipped more cattle to the Ralstin pasture. Next week will be loaded
with branding, gathering, sorting, shiping and hopefully a lot more babies.