WDA SOUTH WEST Environmental Policy

Bin ‘n’ Tonic
Environmental Policy
Established in July 2006, Bin ‘n’ Tonic operates a wheelie bin cleaning service for
both commercial and domestic customers. The business is based and Cardiff and
operates mainly in the local area. It utilises a van with specialist wheelie bin cleaning
equipment installed.
The main environmental impacts of the business include fuel water consumption, the
disposal of waste water and use of biodegradable phosphate free disinfectants and
Through a commitment to demonstrating continual environmental improvement, Bin
‘n’ Tonic will:
Comply with all relevant environmental legislation
Prevent pollution wherever possible, disposing of waste water appropriately
Minimise energy and water consumption
Minimise waste generation and recycle waste materials wherever practicable
Install and maintain appropriate Environmental Management Systems
Purchase environmentally friendly products where practical and available
This environmental policy will be subject to annual review, will be communicated to
staff and made available to all other interested parties.
Approved by: ……………………………...
Angela Daniel
1st February 2007