– Opening Assignment Morality

Morality – Opening Assignment
For the assignment answer the questions in complete sentences. Make sure to explain
your answers thoroughly. The assignment should be printed out and submitted in class
on the due date.
1) How did Batman and the Joker view human nature differently based on the scene?
2) What do you think would be the best way to decide what to do if you were on the
3) Do you think it was right for the soldiers on each boat to allow the one person come
up and take the detonator, why or why not?
4) Would the fact that the people on one of the boats were convicted criminals change
the way you think the situation should
be handled, why or why not?
5) Do you agree with the big criminal's decision to throw the detonator in the water, why
or why not?
6) The Catholic Church teaches that all people have dignity, because they are made in
the image and likeness of God and are therefore naturally good. In a few sentences
explain whether or not you agree with Church and why.
7) What set of rules are guidelines do you follow that help you to develop your personal
morality? How have these been helpful for you?
8) What do you believe is the role that religion should have in helping people to develop
their sense of morality?
9) What is a temptation or negative influence in your life that causes you to act
immorally? How has this affected you and how have you tried to overcome this?
10) Who is a person that has been a real positive influence on your own moral
development? How has this person helped you to develop your moral thinking?