Affecting Voluntary Reporting Across Many Cultures

Day 1 – Tuesday 1st April 2014
Session 3 – Matching Training to Customer Cultures
Dr. Maggie Ma, Maintenance Human Factors, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services
Affecting Voluntary Response Across Many Cultures
An effective safety culture focuses on understanding and addressing safety issues instead of
blaming technicians. It encourages employees to maintain professional accountability and
voluntarily disclose safety-related information. Maintenance Human Factors is a unique
group in Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. The team provides implementation support
to customer airlines on a wide array of safety processes/programs. The team is often asked
by organizations about how to promote/facilitate good safety culture. This presentation
intends to (1) clarify a misconception about a good safety culture regarding its disciplinary
perspective, (2) discuss the psychology behind discipline, and (3) outline some practical
action steps on how to instill a good safety culture.