speed and capacity of air travel

Learning objectives: To examine the
relative changes in the speed and
capacity of air travel
Annotate the term ‘examine’
What should you be looking for in the
information on air travel?
Development – what are the changes in LICs,
Issues with change – positive, negative, social,
economic, environmental
Scale – global, regional, national, local
Time – long and short term. Past, present,
Scale – the global picture
The present
• Read this:
• Identify 5 key facts about the global picture of
air travel
Suggest reasons for the changes
shown in this diagram
Create a time line to show how air travel has
changed based on the information from the
video (shipping lesson)
China’s Air transport
Read through the information on Air
Transport p568-573 SC
China’s air transport.
• Explain the link between population density and
air travel
• Add China’s aviation development to your
timeline from slide 5
• Describe the speed and capacity of air travel in
• Create a table to show the social, economic and
political factors that influenced China’s aviation
• Describe and explain the changes to China’s civil
aviation network using figures 13.4 and 13.8.