To contribute to a pharmacy team as a pharmacist who serves the needs of a diverse patient
population, while gradually increasing my clinical role over time.
2001- 2002 Staff Pharmacist, White Oaks Hospital
Clinically monitored patients and provided clinical support to physicians Supervised education
programs for entire pharmacy staff, including 11 pharmacy technicians and 5 staff pharmacists
Processed prescriptions for inpatient pharmacy
2000-2001 Staff Pharmacist, LEFT-RITE Drugs
Processed prescriptions rapidly in a community pharmacy averaging 320 prescriptions
Counseled public on prescription and non-prescription medications
1998-2000 Staff Pharmacist, Community Mental Health Center
Managed order entry and prescription verification
Provided clinical support to physicians and patients
Dispensed prescriptions for both inpatient and outpatient pharmacies
Supervised staff education of 8 pharmacy technicians and 2 pharmacists
1994-1998 Staff Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacy Manager, Xyz Care
Promoted to assistant pharmacy manager after 1� years
Supervised staff, situational projects, and staff education
Responsible for order entry and prescription verification for 3 dispensing systems
Managed control substances inventory
1994 Doctor of Pharmacy, with clinical emphasis on antibiotics.
University of MyState at MyCity.
1988 - 1990 Pre-pharmacy studies
My University
MyState Pharmacist License No. 001-9876543 valid till March 2003
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