Grading Policy for Business Management

North Haven High School
Business Education Department
Economics L2/L3
Mrs. Podzikowski
Email Address: [email protected]
Course Objective: The aim of this course is to promote rational thinking about economic problems
on the national, state, and local levels. Major areas of concentration are: supply and demand,
national income, fiscal period, monetary policy, and domestic and international problems.
Current economic issues such as inflation, business cycle, unemployment, labor, and management,
economic growth, government finance, income inequity, and aid to underdeveloped countries will
also be studied.
Expectation for Student Performance:
Students in this course will:
Take notes during teacher presentations and demonstrations
Explain how buyers and sellers influence prices.
Describe what elements constitute national income.
Demonstrate an understanding of fiscal and monetary policy through current events.
Write one research paper and reaction papers using a variety of sources, including electronic
 Participate in group and class discussions.
 Complete frequent quizzes and tests.
 Level Three (3) students will be expected to complete additional independent assignments as
assigned by the teacher.
Grades will be calculated as follows:
Class Work & Quizzes**
Tests & Projects:
 Projects may be counted in the test grade category or the class work category depending on
the rigor and intensity of the assignment. You will always be told what the assignment will
count for at the onset of the project.*
Long -term assignments or other special projects such, as reports, research papers, etc., are
not normally given extensions. If a specific situation arises, speak with the instructor. Each
student’s situation will be judged individually based on the absence. Long -term
assignments or reports will be downgraded, five points per day if they are late. NO
Quizzes may be announced or unannounced. At times classwork may count as a quiz
All tests will be announced in advance.
Points will be subtracted from the class participation grade for misconduct, missed assignments,
lack of class participation, lack of supplies/book/notebook. Any questions concerning a student’s
grade should be discussed with the instructor.
 Homework will be assigned and will be collected at the beginning of the class period. These
homework assignments can be completed at home or at school. Work turned in late or after
the class period begins will not be given credit. YOU must do ALL of your own work or
school policies for cheating will be applied.
Extra Help
Extra help is available with prior arrangements. If you make arrangements for help, I expect you to
be there too!
Make-up Work
It is the student’s responsibility for makeup of all work missed due to an absence-that includes all
classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, or any other assignments. Students absent the day of an
announced quiz or test will be expected to take the quiz or test the first day present. Students absent
the day before an announced quiz or test will be expected to take the quiz or test with the class.
Missed quizzes or tests due to a long-term absence should be made up within one week after school
or during an IST. Unless a teacher grants special exceptions, failure to make up work within one
week will result in a zero.
Classroom Behavior
Inappropriate classroom behavior will not be tolerated! You are your classmates are here to learn any disruptions to that process will be dealt with immediately. You are expected to know and
follow all school rules and policies as stated in your student handbook.
PLEASE NOTE: Our equipment in expensive and heavily used. We cannot afford to have any
computers down. Please treat the computers with care and respect.
1. Respect all people in the classroom.
2. Actively and appropriately engage in class at all times.
3. Participate in a disruption free environment
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