Eat Fresh Live Well Corner Store Initiative February 17 th , 2015

Eat Fresh Live Well Corner Store Initiative
February 17th, 2015
1. Welcome and Introductions
Attendees: Janice Schlacter, Wendi Huntley, Tonya Bennett, Janis Huston,
Tim Menke, Ray Kemer, Becky McCrery, Monty Griffin, Carty Finkbeiner,
Gabbey MacKinnon, Patrice Powers-Barker, Beth Deakins, Amy Abodeely,
Tony Maziarz, Zack Spuckler
2. Distribution
a. LOTT Industries
-Because Stop & Go are chain stores, Dan (the owner) would like to be
on a distribution system, not having each store pick up their own
-We started piloting a partnership with LOTT and Sam Okun in
December, and it’s had a good level of success.
-LOTT has seen great success with the program internally and
externally. Their sorting speed is improving, and there is a good
working relationship with Sam Oaken and LOTT.
-There may be an opportunity to reduce delivery costs (currently $12
as a break even price for LOTT) for the program if we can put some of
the other products that LOTT produces into these Corner Stores.
-Fruit Snacks
-Prepackaged Shelf Stable Meals
b. Stop & Go Update
-There will be a meeting with Dan in the next couple of weeks to
discuss expansion and store evaluations.
-Based on a conversation with Dan, he may be slow about increasing
the number of stores because he feels he may be at a modest lost
-Only 4 of the 9 stores have a POS (cStore) that are tracking the sales
and waste of the produce in the stores.
-Several of the stores are working on improving the display and
promotion of their stands.
-We are seeing success using Stop & Go in the program, however we
are also seeking independently owned stores in Toledo as an option to
further expand under the PICH grant.
-PICH grant requires serving the 43604 and 43607 zip codes
-An important piece of this is going to be to educate our stores on how
to handle and manage the produce to improve sales. We plan to have
personnel to manage this piece once the CDC grant is distributed.
-It may be necessary to further track sales, but the next step is to
determine how. For example, are certain locations selling more of a
certain type of produce, are overall sales increase after the
introduction of the stands, etc.
-Suggestion: Consider expanding into Speedway since they already have a
small selection of fruit.
-Suggestion: Bring in a Speaker from DC that spoke at the Promedica
conference to get more information to the community about healthy local
3. Home Depot
-Home Depot is under new management, but the new Management
has also agreed to create the produce stands for our program.
4. Program 2nd Tier
-Dietetic intern has been working on this part of the program –
seeking to bring health food and snack options onto the shelves of the
store that we are working on.
-Very similar to a “healthy vending” program.
a. Draft Proposal
-The exact details of the second tier are still being developed, but we
plan to have it piloted this year, and rolled out to all of our Healthy
Corner Stores next year.
b. Save Way Pilot
-Once there are more specifics for the program, we will be working
with Save Way on the Pilot
-Save Way has already agreed to pilot the program with us.
-Save Way already has a large selection of healthy choices, we will be
focusing on the promotional and marketing side of this program.
5. Marketing Committee
a. Meeting Times
-We will be meeting after the Eat Fresh, Live Well Corner Store
meetings starting after todays’ meeting.
-Today we’re going to be reviewing the marketing materials for the
stores and working to streamline the colors, content, and promotional
6. Evaluation Team
-We are in the process of updating our evaluation methods, under the
PICH grant there are certain tools and criteria that we must use and
-We currently come in and do an initial store evaluation, a community
evaluation to verify the need, we do a kick off event, and then we do 2
month, 6-month and 1-year follow up evaluations.
-Ideally we are going to have all POS data to really evaluate the
success financially of the program for the stores. We are also planning
to develop a system for stores without a POS system to more readily
7. PICH Grant Update
a. NOA
-NOA just given last week – we are just waiting on the transfer of the
b. Staffing
-Planning to have interviews and complete staffing in the next week.
c. Potential Stores
-By the end of September we need another 10 stores under the PICH
grant, so once the money is here, everything is going to get underway.
8. Other
-Tim is working with Vista Foods to find healthy snack options to potentially
provide to the Stop & Go Stores
-Suggestion: Can we potentially use “Tier 2” to get more stores interested in
the program, then alter bring in the fresh produce?
-Suggestion: Pursue getting a column in the Blade similar to the “Health
Inspector Report of Restaurants” - but focus on positive publicity.
(Dave Murray would be a good point of contact)
Next Meeting Scheduled March 17th from 10:00a-11:00a at LOTT Industries