Hub Events Funding 2014-15

Challenge Partners is providing funding to Hubs who create events which reach out to other
Hubs and beyond. Proposed events can range from CPD sessions to holding a full day
conference. The aim is to support events which closely connect with local and national
issues and help your Hub in its work.
You’re in control.
We have set up a Hub Events Fund of up to £5000 each term for you to draw on to subsidise
an event you wish to run. Sharing practice, engaging colleagues, and leading
innovation is why we exist and we hope that we can do more of that through this fund.
The catch?
Yes, there is a form. But only so that we make sure the numbers add up and help ensure
that others know what is going on elsewhere in the partnership.
Proposals which meet the following criteria get the thumbs up.
 Applications will need to show how learning from the event will be embedded.
 The event should reserve a minimum of 25% of places free of charge for Challenge
Partner schools outside of your Hub.
 Event materials should be made available to the central team to circulate to the
partnership if applicable.
 A space should be made available for a Challenge Partners representative to speak and
Challenge Partners branding should be used in promotion materials.
How much money can you apply for?
 Funding will be available depending on the number of delegates and length of the event.
 Funding at all levels will be considered. Applications will need to show value for money.
Money can be spent on resources, refreshments, speakers/facilitators, and venue hire.
Events can be open to non-CP delegates.
You may wish to consider charging for
attendance. Discuss this with Rob Lloyd-Jones should you wish to do this. Please submit all
enquiries and the form to
Roles and Responsibilities
Once a bid is successful the following commitments are agreed to, please read through
these and ensure that you have the capacity to run your proposed event before proceeding.
Challenge Partners central team:
Promotion of the event via email, newsletters, website, and Twitter
Set up the use of Eventbrite to manage attendees
At least one marketing email will be sent to our mailing list (includes headteachers,
senior leaders, and some middle leaders).
Schools will also be given access to expertise in the partnership should they need it
(e.g. for running a workshop)
Host school:
Event management – this includes organising the venue, speakers, workshops,
programme, marketing materials, and delegate packs.
Sharing the delegate list (and the attendee list following the event) including email
Delegate emails will be automatically added onto our mailing list
(excluding opt-outs).
The school remains responsible for running the event on the day
Carrying out and sharing evaluation forms (the form should include a rating out of
ten). Challenge Partners can provide a template if needed.
Sharing the key messages with the rest of the partnership after the event (min 200
words to be published on the CP website).
Where possible, you will be asked to display a small number of Challenge Partner
publications and other material at the venue
You should use the Challenge Partners logo on conference materials and the
Powerpoint template provided where possible.
Challenge Partners may wish to film and/or photograph the event, please check that
everyone is happy with this.
Funding will be released once the event has finished and all criteria and responsibilities have
been fulfilled. Should funding be required earlier please contact Rob Lloyd-Jones ( or 01832864552).
Hub Events Funding 2014-15 Submission Form
Title of Event:
Contact for the event:
Bid Amount (£):
Date and time of event:
Delegate Numbers:
Who is the target audience?
What is the aim of the event?
How much does the event cost in total? What will you spend the money on?
What activities will take place during the event?
How will you ensure that learning from the conference will be embedded?
What is your track record of organising similar events (topic and scale)? What
assurances can you give us that the event will be of the best quality?
Please submit all enquiries and the form to