MEIC Presentation - Suffolk Congress

Making Every Intervention Count
Making Every Intervention Count is the programme of work
that will focus on re-shaping Children and Young People’s
Services so they remain effective into the future and provide
the best possible outcomes for children and families within
available resources.
Elements of MEIC programme
1. Signs of Safety & Well-being approach to practice
2. Further develop Early Help Offer
3. Strengthening joint strategic commissioning
4. Looked After Children Strategy
5. A multi-agency safeguarding hub partnership (MASH)
6. Better use of our case management systems
7. A Business Intelligence hub
8. New operating model
Engagement Phase
• Engagement with staff
• Initial conference with partners
• Local Safeguarding Children’s Board & Children’s Trust Joint
Commissioning Group
Next Steps
• Forum to discuss what we have collated from engagement
Themes / Service Design Principles
• A well defined, understood and consistent multi-agency ‘offer’
• Support families and communities to be resilient.
• Effective early interventions
• Think Family. Continuity of lead professional to build relationship and change.
• Quality of practice – single plan, focus on purposeful work.
• Signs of Safety & Well-being approach at the heart of our practice
• Confident, skilled practitioners
• Outcome-Focused
• Maximise face-to-face work with families.
• More efficient and effective partnership working with key partner agencies
including VCS, Schools
• Improved professional networks at a local level.
• Community Hub for Support / Information / Advice
“Local response” - What is? / How we
can make the best of it with partners
Local Area Coordination
Collaboration with the VCS
Encouraging local self help and public access
Digital information
Developing local networks / partnerships
Place based initiatives (e.g. Lowestoft Rising, Our Bury,
One Haverhill, Ipswich Triangle, Newmarket Vision)
More Information
• Allan Cadzow – Assistant Director Early Help and Specialist
• Graham Beamish – Programme Manager
• Katie White – Project Officer
• Email – [email protected]
• SCC Website -
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