Chapter 4 Review Sheet:

Chapter 4 Review Sheet:
1) If P(A) = 0.35, what is the value of P(not A)?
2) Is it possible for:
a) P(A) = 1.1?
b) P(A) = -0.18?
c) P(A) = 3/8?
3) Define equally likely events.
4) Define sample space.
5) Define independent events.
6) Define mutually exclusive events.
7) You draw two cards from a standard deck and do not replace the first card before drawing the
a) What is the probability the first card is a king and the second is a queen?
b) What is the probability that both cards are queens?
c) What is the probability that neither of the cards is a heart?
8) You roll two fair dice, one red and one green.
a) What is the probability of getting a 2 on the red die and a 6 on the green die?
b) What is the probability of getting a number less than three on both?
c) What is the probability of getting a sum of 6 on the two die?
9) O’Neil’s offers a special dinner menu at night. There are two appetizers to choose from, three
main courses, and four desserts. A customer can select one item from each category. How many
different meals can be ordered from the special dinner menu?
10) Find the value of:
a) 4!
b) 3! + 2!
c) 10P3
d) 7C3
e) 10P6 + 9C5
11) Two student officers can go on an all-expense-paid trip to a conference in Hawaii. If there
are five officers (and all want to go), how many combinations of two can be selected to go to the
12) Which of the following are continuous variables and which are discrete?
a) Number of traffic stops per year in Arkansas.
b) Distance from SFP to Cunnigham Park.
c) Time to get home from school each day.
d) Volume of milk given by a cow.
13) The physical education department at Western High School wants to know the distribution of
weights of freshmen women taking physical education. The weights of 1,000 women are
grouped by intervals of 15 pounds in the accompanying table:
Weight Grouping
70 – 84
85 – 99
100 – 114
115 – 129
130 – 144
145 – 159
160 – 174
175 – 199
Number of Women
If a woman is picked at random from these 1,000, what is the probability she will weigh?
a) between 70 and 84 pounds?
b) Between 85 and 99 pounds?
c) Between 100 and 114 pounds?
d) 115 pounds or more?
e) 144 pounds or less?