Example 1

Example 1
Participate in a 1 hour study to act as an advisory team to generate solutions to a problem. You are
going to earn 7 pounds for your participation. We might need to send away 1 to 2 people as we need
the exact number of participants. If this is your case, you will receive 4 pounds for showing up.
Example 2
Participate in a study where you will engage in a game and receive feedback along the way. In
addition to this main task you will be asked to complete questions about yourself and your
preferences. The entire study will take approximately 1 hour and you will receive £6 for your
Example 3
We are pleased to announce an 1 hour and 15 minute session of five studies on decision making. For
working on the computer tasks you will receive 5 pounds. You could also gain a variable that
depends on your skill and luck of about 3 pounds.