Green $$ Ideas for a minimum of 10% WINTER Savings Warm

Green $$ Ideas for a minimum of 10% WINTER Savings
Warm up your defense against a cold winter.
Lower your Electric supply rate to
reduce your electric bill by 10%. Have your heating system checked to be sure it
is running at peak performance. This will gain 10% in fuel costs.
Invest in a motor load controller* to reduce 10% or more on your electric usage.
Invest in a whole house generator and gasoline in case the electric service goes
out. The motor load controller will continue to recycle the motor waste from the
generator and any other appliance that you run, saving on gasoline.
New Year, new you.
Take time to plan now for next year to take advantage of
your Utility Company rebates and low interest loans from Energy Works to
purchase energy efficient products for your home. Peco will pay you to pick up
your old inefficient appliances.
Treat yourself to LED lights to replace incandescent and fluorescent lights when
they burn out. The average life of an LED is 50,000 hours, and the watts being
burned are 75% less. *
Energize your drive – and your cars efficiency with SR3, oil additive.
Save up to
10% on every tank of gas with this product. *
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, fabric, cans, aluminum,
grey water, wood, etc. and save the massive building of landfills. Take a reusable
bag to the food store, they are stronger and hold at least 10% more. Between
Thanksgiving and New Year’s, an extra million tons of waste is generated each
week. In 2008, the average amount of waste generated by each person in
America per day was 4.5 pounds. 1.1 pounds of that was recycled, .4 pounds
were composted. The rest was sent to a landfill or incinerated.
*See our website for more information