Title One Reading Program Parent Meeting

Title One Reading Program
Parent Meeting 2014
Come join me on The Trail To New Adventures
With A Good Book!
Our Motto~ Putting Our Best Foot Forward Every day!
Mrs. Joanne Manes
Title One Reading Specialist
School phone: 937.667.2275
My email: [email protected]
*Visit my website for the latest news/updates/reading information. You can access it
through the STAFF section of Nevin Coppock’s website on www.tippcityschools.com
Title One Reading Program
Parent Meeting
I pull students for small group Guided Reading instruction. I instruct both Kindergarten and First Grade groups daily.
In First Grade I use the DRA to determine the student’s INSTRUCTIONAL reading level (90-94% accuracy-can be a different
percentage with the lower levels). This assessment looks at accuracy, fluency, and comprehension (with higher levels)
when determining the reading level. We use the Spring score as a guide to what level to start instruction, however the
entire first grade staff reassesses students to see if there has been growth or possible regression over the summer months.
I will complete another DRA in the January and May with all Title One students.
In Kindergarten I will begin instruction with early literacy skills…letter recognition, sounds, letters make words, words
make sentences etc. Students will get easy, Level A readers early on in instruction. Books offer students the opportunity to
apply what they are learning in the classroom. Classroom teachers will use the DRA by the end of October to formally assess
the students’ most accurate reading level. My groups will be adjusted according to these levels. I will then DRA my Title One
students in January and May to document reading growth. I will share these scores with the classroom teacher and they will
share with you on grade cards.
Books are like shoes! They need to fit just right! - I talk to students about choosing “right fit” books. Books they read
INDEPENDENTLY should be a level down from their instructional level for ease and enjoyment of reading. Books that are
too easy or too hard do not help them grow as a reader.
I choose books on their INSTRUCTIONAL level (90-94% accuracy-can be a different percentage with lower levels) when I
teach so the “cold read” offers learning opportunities with decoding, fluency and comprehension. After repeated readings,
they should improve. Early reading skills can look like the student is just memorizing the text, however this is part of the
early stages of reading. The goal is for students to eventually be able to use various skills and strategies to read the given
We work on comprehension strategies through the LITERACY CAFÉ model (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding
Vocabulary). We talk about these strategies and how to use them to improve your reading. Comprehension strategies
look different at K-1. We also use “Beanie Baby Strategies” to help students remember the many different strategies that
can be used for decoding words. You can find links for these on my webpage. 
Progress reports/Report Cards – I will send home a report in your child’s report card envelope beginning in December. My
reports focus on the skills we are working on. I do not give a reading level or a grade. For more specific information, please
see your child’s classroom teacher or contact me personally.
At Home Reading –Only my First Grade students will take home a Title One reading envelope two times per week schedule
permitting. This started the second week of instruction  I am expecting my Kindergarten students to receive literacy
activities to complete at home from the classroom teacher. 
I am always available and happy to talk with you… by phone (937.667.2408), email ([email protected]), and at
conference times. You can request me in the Fall/Winter conference or set up an individual conference with me. I do not
automatically attend all Title student conferences since I service over 60 students. I do my best to meet all of my parents
and answer any questions that they might have. Check out my website for reading tips and the latest Title One Program
information. You can access my webpage through Nevin Coppock’s page on the Tipp City Schools website.