Stephanie N. Jefferson

Stephanie N. Jefferson
4804 N. Linder Chicago IL. 60630
Seeking a teaching position in which my strength in early literacy instruction, unyielding
passion for teaching and learning, and creativity can be used to greatly advance the learning
experience of students.
 M.D in Teacher Leadership{with honors}
 Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
 Roosevelt University- Chicago IL. Graduated with honors
 Inducted into the Franklin Honor Society
 Middle School Endorsement {English Language Arts}
 Illinois Type 03 Elementary Education
 Language Arts Endorsement
April 30th, 2011
May 16th, 2008
May 16th, 2008
May 1st, 2008
June 3rd, 2008
June 3rd, 2008
Professional Teaching Experience:
Jensen Scholastic Academy – 1st/ 2nd Grade- {2008- 2012}
 Provide meaningful instruction with clear objectives, differentiated and direct
 Facilitate effective reading centers with an emphasis on: phonics, phonemic awareness,
fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.
 Facilitate Guided Reading groups with an emphasis on making predictions, inferences,
and decoding words effectively.
 Enthusiastically provide students with learning experiences that promote cognitive, social
and emotional development.
 Administer DIBELS {Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills} test, Progress
Monitoring assessment, and TRC {Text Reading Comprehension}
 Facilitate Professional Development training to colleagues on TRC {Text Reading
Comprehension} components.
 Administer M-class Math assessment to students and use data to guide instruction.
 Effectively use graphic organizers: KWL chart and Venn Diagrams to teach reading,
science, and social studies.
 Though use of rubrics and modeling, successfully taught students how to respond to
Extended Response questions.
 Establish classroom expectations and maintain positive student behavior.
Actively attend and engage staff meetings and parent teacher conferences.
Enrich personal professional development by actively attending professional
development training in Reading First Initiative, (SCRMA) Supported Core Reading
Materials Adoption, (BRI) Basic Reading Inventory, D.I.B.E.L.S{Dynamic
Indicators of Early Literacy Skills} Reading in Motion, A.S.W.D (Area Sight Word
Development), Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop, N.R.C {National Reading
Convention}, Literacy Wings, Everyday Mathematics, and Foss {Science}
Use Impact software to take daily attendance, report grades for progress reports and
report cards.
Daniel Webster School: 2nd Grade 2012- Present
 With an emphasis on repetition, created effective mini lessons in reading and math
that engage students in meaningful lessons to help improve strong literacy and math
 Establish a classroom environment of respect and strong classroom management
 Create lessons that build on improving N.W.E.A test scores
 Differentiate learning centers to meet specific learning needs of various learning
G.E.D Instructor: 2012- Current
Living Word Center: {General Education Development}
 Facilitate G.E.D class for Language Arts reading and writing
 Create lessons that enhance student’s comprehension skills
 Assess individual student progress and adapt curriculum and lesson plan to the needs
of the students.
 Observe and evaluate student’s performance and development
 Use technology to support instruction
 Assign and grade class work, homework, test, and quizzes
 Available upon request.
“Finding the work for which one is best fitted and which one likes best is very much like finding the
one who one loves best; there is no rule by which to make the search, but when the right niche is
contacted one immediately recognizes it.”
Napoleon Hill