clouds worksheet

Name: _________________________________
Period: _______
1. Which type of cloud warns of severe thunderstorms, occasionally even tornadoes?
2. Which cloud, when low in the sky, can resemble fog?
3. Which types of clouds are located highest in the sky?
4. Which type of cloud sometimes changes in nimbostratus and can then produce rain?
5. Which kind of cloud indicates good weather?
6. Which types of clouds are formed by rising air currents?
7. Which types of clouds are formed by air cooled below the saturation point without vertical movement?
8. Which part of a cloud name means ‘rain cloud’?
9. Which part of a cloud means ‘high’?
Choose the best vocabulary word for each sentence and write it in the blank.
dew point
relative humidity
a. ___________________ refers to the percentage of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature compared
to the amount it could hold.
b. Water vapor is a ___________________ . You can’t swim in water that is in this form.
c. Water vapor, which helps create clouds, gets into the air by means of ___________________ .
d. The bottoms of clouds show us where the ___________________ has been reached.
e. When clouds rest on the ground, they are known as ___________________ .
f. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are all types of ___________________, which comes from some—
but not all—kinds of clouds.