Good Shepherd Microfinance Project

Microfinance Project
Systems Helping Others with Real Needs
The Good Shepherd Network
Over 300 Providers Managing Enquiries,
Applications & Loans
NILS, StepUP, GoodMoney &
Good Shepherd Manages Funding
Applications, Contracts & Distribution
The ICT Systems we had
Desktop applications
Multiple versions
Unstable with many users
Data Quality issues
Impeded Process
The ICT System now going Online
Internet Connection
Integrated Processes
Dashboard of Charts &
Activities in the CRM
Advanced Reporting Tools
Document Storage &
Search in the Portal
Automated Functionality
Loan Interview reminder by SMS
Manage Loans with variable repayments
Alerts based on Repayment data upload
Arrears calculated with amended Loan agreements.
Publish Programs to the Web based on consent.
Cloud “Costs” have a Silver lining
There are “Clouds” and “Clouds”
“Data is Secure” in the “Cloud”
In Looking back …
• Thank Your Partners: NAB & FaHCSIA
• Learn “Technology” concepts & explore
• Build a “Prototype” to achieve better outcomes
• Be “Committed” but “Flexible” in what could be
a long Journey.
• Have your own core “Guiding Lights”
The Unknown is OK
It is not what you don't
know that gets you into
trouble. It's what you
know for sure that just
isn't so (Mark Twain)