World History Writing Prompt: Transition from Ancient to Modern

World History
Writing Prompt: Transition from Ancient to Modern World History
Creative writing;
Usage of world history materials from the thematic/conceptual learning ideas by tracing history
from the following eras - Prehistory, through the River Valley Civilizations, into the Classical
World and to the Medieval World…thus finally entering the Renaissance;
Create a story, document or any historical explanation to describe how the story of human
development led up to the 14th Century (1300’s) and to the Black Death.
The Black Death has just ended and we are the survivors! We have a responsibility to bring back society
and renew the story of the past by using the preserved histories of long ago. You will need to write a
1 – 2 page history of mankind/civilization which will explain how human civilization developed.
The question that you want me to make sense of is “How can we, as a human beings, understand where
we are going in the future, if I don’t know where we have been?”
Think of a creative way to explain a minimum of one (1) to a maximum of three (3) concepts that have
contributed to the development of human civilization. Your goal is to write a creative, persuasive essay
to convince your teacher (the peasant) that the value of learning about the past is important and inspire
us, as humans, to push forward beyond difficult times by striving to make the most out of every
opportunity and live up to our potential.
Choose historical concepts which interest you and give a description throughout history, as to how the
concept or idea contributed to the development of human civilization.
PowerPoints – Intro materials; Prehistory; Mesopotamia; Egypt; Indus; China; Classical (Greek/Roman);
Any resources you need to use to complete the assignment.
Historical Timeline of Civilization –
Social Science Disciplines; Themes in Geography; Themes in History
Prehistory and Origins of Mankind/Eight (8) Characteristics of Civilization
Beginning of Civilization –
Introduction of Polytheism/Monotheism
Middle Eastern Societies – Judaism
Indus – Hinduism/Buddhism
Classical Civilizations –
Romans – Christianity
Development of Medieval Ages –
Barbarians – Huns, Goths, Vikings, Mongols
Middle Ages – Europe (Knights) and Japan (Samurai)
Muslims – Islam
Town development, Expansion of Trade, Crusades and Black Death
Renaissance (Beginnings of Modern Society; Begins in 1350)