serum leukemia

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common malignancy in childrens(25 percent of all
malignancy in this groups).Approximately 80 percent of standardard risk Acute lymphoblastic
leukemia,can be cured and achieve long-term survival(1). Therefore, evaluation of long
complications from kinds of therapy is necessarily and minimizing late effects of treatment is a
In this study we examined the 56 child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (standard risk) that
cured with standard chemotherapy and were followed in distance of 2010 to 2011.the mean
interval from end of treatment was 5 years.
In this study metabolic syndrome and over weight risk and serum leptin level were evaluated.The
data was analyzed using SPSS software and statistical analysis methods.
we have found relationship between sex and obesity also between metabolic syndrome with
obesity and serum level of leptin.
serum leptin also have relationship with sex and patient at risk of over weight. Leptin seems to
play a key underlying role in metabolic syndrome consideration.
We recommended evaluation of patient after successful treatment of standared risk acute
lymphoblastic leukemia for obesity, over weight, metabolic synrdrom, independent of cranial
irradiation, and also consultation with endocrinologist for after end of therapy in routine follow
Key words:
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, over weight risk, leptin and metabolic syndrome
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